About Gateway Security

At Gateway Security, we believe that total security should be accomplished from a holistic approach. Corporations can no longer pigeonhole physical security and logical security in their own separate silos. Corporate executives must understand and implement converged security or get left behind. At GSC we approach every project from a vendor-agnostic perspective. Our goal is to provide the customer with the best overall security solution that matches their specific business goals.

In today’s environment every company, no matter what the size, needs that security expert to help guide management through the dangers that lurk both inside and outside the firewall. At GSC we have the solution to help solve that problem without incurring the overhead of an on-staff Chief Security Officer (CSO) or Information Security Officer (ISO). We can work with you to be that security expert.

GSC provides comprehensive security assessments that include vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and application layer testing, as well IT audits and risk assessments. The team also provides security policy development, physical security assessments, detailed digital forensics and technical surveillance countermeasures.

GSC helps organizations of all sizes to achieve, maintain and demonstrate security compliance while significantly improving their security posture.