Do you know–for certain–that your networks are secure and reliable?

Are systems, information, and communications services available to support users as expected?

Are users confident that information has not been accidentally or intentionally altered, manipulated, or destroyed affecting data integrity?

Is confidential/proprietary information properly protected against unauthorized access or disclosure?

Are applications protected from malicious or unintentional use or manipulation?

Cyber Security Overview

Cyber-Security Services provides security consulting expertise to help organizations of any size assess their current security state, meet information security challenges, design solutions to reach their optimal security posture and achieve regulatory compliance. Following a best practices approach and using state-of-the-art tools and techniques, GS is dedicated to working alongside clients to address the entire security lifecycle. GS expert consulting team consists of top security talent made up of certified engineers, leading security instructors and industry professionals with years of experience supporting public and private organization.

Our Professional Security Services portfolio includes assessment, design, implementation and training services. GS’s security experts can help you improve your security posture and achieve compliance with government and industry regulations. Our engagement model includes a complete portfolio of security services that include assessments, architecture design, implementation, training, and infrastructure support, maintenance and reporting. GS has the proven expertise and experience you need to conduct a comprehensive security assessment of your information network, enabling you to make well-informed decisions regarding the safety of your enterprise. GS’s security experts are ready to help you with:

Security Assessment Services:

  • Network Penetration Testing
  • Social Engineering Assessment
  • VoIP/PBX Security Assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • War Dialing Assessment
  • Web Application Assessment
  • Wireless Assessment
  • Physical Security Assessment

Information Assurance Services:

  • PCI-DSS Gap Assessment
  • HIPAA Gap Assessment
  • ISO 27K Gap Assessment
  • Security Maturity Consulting
  • Security Policy Review

At GS, we take security to the next level. Let us help you protect your business.