Digital Forensics Overview

If you think that your network has been breached, Gateway Security (GSC) will help you determine what data has been compromised so that you can implement your incident response plan. GSC has the expertise to extract sensitive information without disrupting company productivity. From the moment an incident occurs, steps must be followed to guarantee data consistency.

GSC can uncover the digital fingerprint that your intruder left behind. Utilizing the latest forensic methodologies, we can discover the residual evidence. We have the knowledge to retrieve deleted and encrypted files, recover emails, and obtain any other vital information.

A corporation’s data integrity is directly connected to public perception. GSC forensic investigators know how to capture the data confidentially and discreetly. We maintain a strict chain of custody to ensure that your data is not compromised.

Stringent procedures must be followed to ensure your evidence is admissible in court. Our meticulous documentation process guarantees all relevant data is accounted for. At GSC not one stone is left unturned. We will investigate all avenues of your network.

GSC provides digital forensics services to legal firms, private investigative firms, accounting firms, corporations, financial institutions and private individuals in the areas of:

  • Intellectual property protection
  • Incident Response
  • Trade secret protection
  • Employee misuse of computers
  • Sexual harassment
  • Financial fraud
  • Opposing party expert report review
  • Appellate case review
  • Online investigations
  • Due diligence

GS provides the following digital forensic services:

  • E-evidence recovery and analysis
  • Document Recovery
  • Data Recovery
  • Password Recovery
  • Mobile Forensics
  • Network Forensics
  • Litigation Support
  • Expert Testimony