Our Services

Do you need security services? The answer to that question may be apparent if you ask yourself these questions:

  • How long can you afford your networks to be down?
  • Are your systems secured from intrusion?
  • How do you know your business is safe?

Services Overview

Companies today are dependent on information technology for their existence. When systems are down or a data breach occurs, companies can lose millions of dollars in as little as a few seconds.

Gateway Security offers three primary investigative services; Digital Investigations, Cyber-Security and TSCM (technical surveillance counter-measures) Survey’s. Using a proven, step-by-step methodology GS will systematically determine security risks in your network and develop a customized plan to combat those risks. GS works with each company individually to determine the best course of action in the event of a security breach or compromise.

GS has the unique qualifications and experience necessary to deal with potential security risks. Clients directly benefit from the expertise that we bring to projects. With a diverse highly experienced team, there is no need to learn the technology or to experiment with solutions. We have developed the methodologies needed to bring solutions to clients. Our methods are intended to cut to the heart of important business driven security issues. This both expedites services and reduces costs.

At GS, we are extremely enthusiastic about the deeply diverse and experienced team we have put together from the ranks of the security industry. GS has sought out the talent necessary to create an innovative team of professionals. The experience we bring expands beyond the theory of security. It encompasses business management experience as well as the management and technical skills needed within our e-business environments.

GS is a world-class information investigative consultancy practice that provides services in support of a variety of clients and their projects. Our approach is tailored to meet specific client needs and priorities. Let us put our expertise to work protecting you.